John Johnston, J.D., Business Law & Litigation Attorney

John Johnston, J.D. is an attorney that specializes in corporate litigation, business formation and structure, corporate finance, government contracting, and intellectual property.

Mr. Johnston completed his double B.S. degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. After graduation, he worked for the Department of Defense. He later opened his own laboratory that develops protein chemistry and compound to pharmaceutical companies.

After receiving his degree in Juris Doctor from Charleston School of Law in South Carolina in 2011, Mr. Johnston co-founded JWP Energy, LLC, a waste-to-energy transformation company, where he serves as CEO and General Counsel. He also works as General Counsel for the Menehune Foundation, a non-profit Native Hawaiian Organization in Honolulu dedicated to providing financial literacy and environmental awareness to Native Hawaiian communities.

Mr. Johnston is working on a project where he facilitates technology transferring process from the US to a hospital in Afghanistan that specialized in radiation chemotherapy. He is also handling cases related to Grenada citizenship application and E-2 visa processing, helping families to immigrate to the US in the most affordable and fastest way.

In his free time, Mr. Johnston enjoys spending time with his family and offshore fishing.


  • Participated in legal procedure to assist a health company in the US secure a lease arrangement for space within Afghanistan to operate a comprehensive cancer center.
  • Worked with companies in Europe to buy products and equipment from a USA major aircraft manufacturer.
  • Represented a leading car manufacturer in Germany in documentation filing to help the management board members migrate to the US to work and build cars.
  • Assisted in the legal process to bring a shipyard in Japan to the US, a project worths 22 million dollars and 22 skilled workers.